Tuesday, April 01, 2008

High Noon... actually it's 1 o'clock, the clocks went forward!

Hello der,

I'm happy to say Thomas and I are writing together again. We've been developing a new project for Tyrone Productions. In a search for amazingly talented and handsome new writers they realised that Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio were too expensive, as was Stephen Gaghan, David Milch was just insane and collects guns and Daniel Knauf, Doug Ellin, David Simon and Larry David were all busy... so somehow they ended up finding us.

If it happens, and everything goes according to plan, it will be a new 6 x 1 hour Comedy Drama series for RTE 2. But we have to wait and see. So far the experiences has been enjoyable. We're working with the head of development Dearbhla Reagan, who's been great and very patient with us.

It's really nice to be pushed, challenged and to get constant and instant feed back. Very invigorating indeed... even if sometimes I just wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep. Like in those dreams, where you appear naked in a maths exam you haven't prepared for, so to get out of it you go asleep... or maybe that's just me?!?!

Anyway, they seem happy with what we came up with and they're presenting to RTE this week I think. So it will be interesting to see if it goes anywhere after this. it may not of course, which would suck, but it has been a good experience and an interesting learning curve. But fingers crossed eh?

Not much else going on. Still waiting to here on Ghoster and The Race. Maybe soon. You, my loyal readers, will of course be the first to know.

I'm heading off to Montana for a couple of weeks to meet the Fiancés folks! Which should be fun. I'll be staying the hometown of Gary Cooper! Cool huh!

All right, bye for now. More news soon.


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