Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bill, for short... Shoot Day 1

Hi all, we started shooting Bill, For Short today, it's a mirco micro micro shoot, me, Noel (My brother) and John, one camera and no money... sept for sambos!
It went well, we got a good bit in the can. I think it all looks pretty cool, we found some great locations. All of which are real, in that, they are places my grandfather used to work. And like on Emily's Song they are also places I played as a kid that are now being pulled down to make room for new appartment buildings, which isn't a bad thing in this instance, but it's always sad to see those places go. So once again, I'm glad I got to put it on film.
Tomorrow I'm going to be doing some interviews. Then I have maybe another day or two of other footage and then I can start editing.

Here's a behind the scenes clip...

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