Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shooting over.

Another good day of shooting, some nice stuff. It was a beautiful day and we managed to capture the golden sunset while shooting in a graveyard. I think I have all the footage I need, so I'm going to start editing. I may do some pick-ups, we'll see.
One pain-in-the-arse thing that happened was that I drop my lovely black Samsung NV3 7.2 mega pixel stills camera and it got run over by a car! Sucks! I loved that camera. Strangely, it still takes pictures, but the dislay is smashed so I don't really know what I'm taking or how! Oh well.

It's a very small a simple thing we're doing. And for me it's just something to keep the cogs oiled while I'm writing on larger project. But it has also been immensely enjoyable. I'd recommend anyone who is interested in getting into film to just go out and shoot. Whatever, where ever, you'll learn as you go and you'll come to realise what goes into making something work.
Even if you're just going out to practice scenes, what makes something suspenseful? What makes something exciting? Try it, tape is cheap and the experience is invaluable.

It should take more than a week to edit, so hopefully I will have something up by next weekend and you can see what I mean by just going out on weekends with a camera and only enough money for sandwiches!

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