Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Award Winning Independent Filmmaker Seeks Investment for Original Feature Film to Shoot Summer 2008.

My apologies kind readers for my absence this last while! I've been very busy indeed. My American trip was a great success and I had a wonderful time. I had fun in LA, hung out with some friends, made some new friends and planted seeds, which I hope will grow and bear fruit in the coming months, more news on that when it happens.

I've been working hard on Ghoster since I got home and I'm happy with the progress. It weighs in at 109 pages, down from 119, I'm aiming for 100. Not that that will change the story at all, but it will make the script more concise. It still needs work and I'll continue to plug away at it over the next couple of weeks. I hope to have this script ready for the consumption of other in the next week or two and there after I hope it will be a speedy process to shooting it! But I'm happy to say I have some people waiting for it who may indeed be able to help me make it... more on that when it happens.

I tried a new technique on this one, which I have never done before and which I found very useful. I read the script out load into a dictaphone and then played it back, effectively creating an audio script. It meant I could hear right away if a scene was going on too long, or needed more, or if I ended the scene after it had reached it's emotional climax. I think I may do this from now on. It was a very quick way of editing. I also found as I listened my mind was able to freely wander and I came up new several new scenes, all of which went in and I feel improved the script. I'd recommend trying it.

As the film is set on a building site I want to be authentic and shoot on a real building site. Of course I chose to ignore the fact that no developer would stall building on four houses so we could shoot for two or three weeks! But then JJ (Rolfe co-producer on Emily's Song) reminded me of the builders holidays, when for two weeks every year all the builders in the country go on holiday and the sites close. So I figure that's the time I have to aim for. Next summer!!! Can it be done!!!

You know what?! I believe it can. All I really need is investment of between €100,000 and €200,000 and I can do it. So I'm putting the call out: "Award Winning Independent Filmmaker seeks investment for original feature film to shoot summer 2008. Please contact frank@palestoneproductions.com for further information."
Let's make it happen!!!

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