Tuesday, August 07, 2007

First Broadcast.

Well, we had our first broadcast last night on national television. It was very exciting and I was surprisingly nervous. I guess it was the thought that thousand, tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people all across Ireland were watching it. Before we've always been in the comfort and safety of a screening room or movie theatre, but this was something very different. I felt very proud I think.
I got a great kick out of it being shown after Entourage, which also happened to be the U2 episode! And with Johnny Drama sporting an Irish flag, almost as if to say Good Luck!
I've had a steady flow of congratulatory calls and texts from well wishers, so thanks to everyone. And thanks to all who watched. I hope you enjoyed it.

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better than the world said...

Yay, wish I could have seen it! You should feel proud, and I think U2 is a good omen.