Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We've started a new project. Untitled at the moment. It's a story about two brothers, wrongly accused of a crime. It's a new feature script and I have a good feeling that this will be our first one to shoot. We took a look at THE RACE and knowing it's going to take a large budget, huge crew, lots of locations and hundreds of extras, we thought we should scale it down... way down and do something achievable on a low budget first, with a small crew (only slightly bigger then Emily's Song) a small cast of good actors, not nessecary famous and minimal location work, in fact, so far, we have about three locations in mind.
It's exciting stuff. We're thrilled with the idea and we know it's going to be a great script. We got that buzz we get when we hit upon something we both want to make. We had it on Emily's Song and The Race. We had been working on a short script, but neither of us felt it was going anywhere. In the end we realised it wasn't a film we wanted to make. But this new idea is.
We're putting the story together now and we'll start writing the screenplay in about two or three week. Hopefully we'll have the first draft written by the end of the summer.
Summer is usually a quiet time for us, we don't get much written... kids, holidays, that kind of thing. Personally I use the time to catch up on my own writing. I've all ready dusted off BAD MOON, my werewolf script. 95 pages in and it's looking pretty good. I'm hoping to get back on NEVERMORE once that's done. I think another rewrite on both should see them right.
There is no other new at the moment, so I shall get back to it and wish you all the best until the next blog.

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