Thursday, May 17, 2007

Red Eye!

I've been busy since we've got back from Germany. I spent a couple of days entering more festivals and getting presskits and screeners together and sent off. We've been invited to a couple of festivals in Korea, the 1st Seoul Family Film Fest. and the 9th Seoul Youth Film Festival. We've also been accepted for competition to the Showcomtion Youth Film Fest in Shefield England, where we're up the UNICEF UK Award, so that's great news.

Things are heating up and time is slipping through our fingers as we race toward the Short Cuts Deadline with the Film Board next month. We have three scripts going in now, originally two, but we decided that seeing as we're trying to get a cycling feature film made it might be wise to get some practise in and make a ten minute short about a race, just to show them what we have in mind. Here's hoping they like the script! Next sunday we're going out to shoot some cycling footage for two minute clip to give them an idea of what we want to do, so that should be fun.

I'm very excited about this little piece of kit that's just come out. A new digital camera called RED... It looks pretty frickin snazy, I wont rattle on about it hear, just go to and behold. It is a sexy piece of machinary!

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better than the world said...

You'll have to tell me more about the snazzy camera and why it's so cool - does it have night vision or something? Alas, I am such an amateur.