Friday, March 23, 2007

In the Meantime...

Well it's been a busy week, non-stop in fact. Tuesday (After the bank holiday) began with news that we were in two new festivals, Danville International Children's Festival and we were invited to Lola Kenya Screen Film Festival in Africa. Later on we were invited to another festival, Giffoni in Italy, so that was nice and we got accepted into the 53rd Oberhausen Film Festival in Germany, which is one of the longest running and most important and respected festivals in Europe, so that was even nicerer!!!

As I mentioned before we had an interview with the filmboard, that was yesterday and it went very well. We met with Andrew Meehan there and he was very nice and very reseptive of both us and our script idea. We talk for about 45minutes and we came away feeling like we had made an impression and shown him that we are indeed serious, we do know our stuff and we really rellly want to make this film.

So he was happy to let us move forward, the next step is to officially apply for development funding. Now of course, he could read the script, decide it's terrible and never call us again, but I don't think that's going to happen. But we'll see what happens, more later!

In the meantime we have to get our budget together for development, as in, what we're going to spend all this money on! It's something we need to be clear about and we need to go in there and be as knowledgable about our figures as we are about our script. Which is going to be hard work, Thomas and I are terrible at figures! Even worse at money! (perhaps I shouldn't admit that!) Well, we're just going to have to learn. But we know what we need the money for, it's just a question of getting quotes for all that and making sure we're clear and precise.

Meantime we're also applying for money to have Emily's Song transfered from tape to 35mm. Having been accepted into Oberhausen we can finally do that through the filmboard. So I'm getting quotation for that at the moment. It's probably going to cost uppers to €10,000! Yikes! But it'll be worth it. It will open up alot more festivals to us, alot more screening possibilities and just give us a great version of our film, how it should look.

So we've alot on and alot to get organised, but it's all good, it's all new, it's all learning and it's moving toward making our first feature film, which is a dream come true... at least it will be when we get it made! Until then I would count my cans of film until they're processed.

But it's all good. That lul I was suffering from is well and truely over and I'm busy again, so I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into another film and it looks like I just might have the chance to do that again at last.

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