Friday, May 30, 2014

A tiny announcement...

As I'm sure you know, if you're a facebook friend, twitter follower or regular reader of this here blog, I've been creatively stunted for the last year. I've been distracted, stressed, homesick, and largely unhappy. Immigrating will do that! But as I've been feeling more settled, I feel my focus coming back. My strength. My stamina. And I've realised that I've been so exhausted, both physically and emotionally, that when ever I thought about making another film it just drained me, and seemed completely impossible, which it probably would have been had I tried to tackle a film before now.

When I did think about it, my mind would switch off, and say "No Feckin Way Mate!" and I would lose the feeling almost immediately. Which was a frightening for me, not wanting to make films anymore, feeling like I was giving up, like I had lost my passion. I've wanted to make films since I was 9. I mean, what the hell else am I going to do? Be a warehouse supervisor for the rest of my life?! Hell NO!!!

But it wasn't gone, just resting, hiding, for fear of being strained to breaking. That spark was waiting, until I was physically and mentality ready again, to reignite. Now I feel it coming back. I'm getting to where I'm not shutting down when I think of it, that excitement is sticking with me, and there are little things happening that make me feel like it's the right time.

So, I'd like to announce my next feature film...


Float is a story that's been with me for 20 years, and I'm finally starting on the road to turn it into my next film. It's the biggest, most complicated film I've ever tackled. Apart from the scope and scale of the production, it's also the first film I will make in America, where I don't have my crew or my cast, or my community. I'm completely on my own doing this, no support system whatsoever. Apart from my lovely wife of course!!! Who remains my biggest supporter.

I will start a Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks. I'm going to ask for a lot of money! Usually my campaigns are around the five to ten grand mark, what with Kickstarter, community fund raisers, donations and personal loans. But for the first time I'm going to ask for everything I think it will take to bring the film to production, the entire production! Including post-production and marketing. I just don't think there's any point in doing it otherwise!

I haven't quite figured out exactly how much it will be yet, but as you can imagine, it will be a lot. I don't see any point in trying to just raise half, or enough to make it and then not be able to finish it or market it. I made that mistake on Derelict, just to Get it Done! and then the film fell into limbo. I want to be able to serve the film and the work fully. I may fail, but if I am going to fail, there's no point in failing small, might as well fail BIG!

I'll need a lot of help. You guys, those you have supported me in the past, your friends, family, acquaintances, aunts and uncle, people on the street you pass... and some how we need to get the word waaay out there. To raise the amount of money I need, this project will need to be launched into the stratosphere somehow. I'm not sure how that happens, when you're not Spike Lee or Zach Braff or David Fincher?! How does the snowball turn into an avalanche?

So, you might want to know what the story is about. Actually, if you look at the previous post you can read the first 2 chapters... if you would you like to see that as a film, and want to find out what happens, then this is where it begins.


Float is a fantasy story, but one very much based in reality. It's about David, an unemployed homeless loser, who just happens to be able to fly.

David works on an assembly line in a factory. He’s bored. He can’t relate to anyone. Except Tony, Tony he likes. They’re drinking buddies. Tony sees potential in David, and David likes to hear that. But on the day David quits his job Tony jumps to his death. From that day on David’s life spirals out of control.

David sinks into a deep depression and soon after strange things begin to happen. Really strange! One morning he wakes up on the ceiling. He finds himself hovering over water. He becomes ravenous and eats the entire contents of his kitchen, then falls asleep for days. He gets stronger and more agile without exercise. He feels more alive then ever before. And soon he discovers he can fly, and begins to learn how to control it. Then, just when he starts to enjoy himself, dangerous people come looking for him.

David befriends the security guard of the abandoned office tower he is squatting in. He befriends the nurse who cares for him after his first beating. His GP takes an interest and lands himself square in the middle of what becomes a very dangerous situation for this little circle of friends.

As David learns where this ability has come from, a new world of danger opens up in front of him. He must protect the people around him, as he learns how to be a stronger, better person.

So that's what Float is about, it's something of a 'Birth of a Superhero' story, but I don't think it's like anything that's been done before. Film's that might come close would be Unbreakable (my favourite M. Night Shyamalan film) and Chronicle... but not really! These are just a couple that it might be close, some that are based in reality, rather than a big bright flashy superhero world with exaggerated colourful villains etc. or heroes with great powers and lots of money. This dude's broke, depressed and doesn't quite know what to do with this power.

I'll let you know when the time comes. It'll be a few weeks from now. I'm going to start with getting in touch with friends, people who can help spread the word and see if I can gather some crew and think about cast. It's going to be an interesting journey, with lots of cool announcements to come. After all, I'm making a superhero movie from scratch!!! Holy Crap!!! That's pretty cool! And I'll be doing it while working nights in a warehouse, while my wife works days in a coffee shop, while we wrangle two energetic kids, and try to pay the rent and the bills!

This one's going to be bigger than anything I've done! I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do it, but then again, I've never been sure! But somehow I've managed it, I know I will on this one... with your help of course!

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Go Frank go! So happy to hear your spark is back :)